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From Homeless to Happy

Good Life Dog Rescue, a fantastic charity based in Yorkshire and run entirely by volunteers, needed a brand and website creating to tell people more about the dogs they are trying to rehome. A warm and friendly approach was taken with the use of illustrations and animation to help win the audience over.

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Your website is your shop window, so it's essential to ensure it looks good, is clean and is user friendly to make the visitors experience enjoyable and memorable. It also needs to work on every device and be easy to update. What used to take months and cost thousands of pounds to produce can now be up and running in a matter of weeks - even days.

Web Design

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Helping the experts perform even better

Fluere, a company specialising in Process Improvement required a website to deliver the message that they can achieve radical results for companies striving for excellence. Slick graphic imagery and animation to highlight key achievable results and a logical 'visitor journey' helped get this message across in an engaging way.

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Email marketing is a highly cost-effective customer communication and lead generation tool. Targeted and measurable, you can ensure that you are reaching your audience directly with a personalised message at a fraction of postage costs.

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Email Marketing

Web Banners

Strategically placed pay per click web banners are a quick and effective way to capture the attention of an online audience. Using SEO strategies, these can be used to drive more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness or promote special offers and events. We then provide continued analysis of the campaign and optimise it to its full potential.

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